Just Beet It

on Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last weekend was the annual Veggie Pride Parade in New York and since this was the second year I walked in the parade I was determined to morph myself into a veggie superstar.  The reality is I would attend a Meat Maniacs Parade if it existed; I buy hot dogs from the vendor on the street, believe no meal is complete without some type of meat, and love the smell of a barbecue.  I am a meat lover, but for the sake of being in the parade I had to disguise my love of the pig.

I knew I wanted to make a sign this year because last year I felt like an interloper without one,  and also carrying a sign was a sure fire way of getting on the Veggie Pride Parade website — and I was right.
My goal in making the sign was to not take an anti-meat stand, but to celebrate vegetables and I came up with this:
That's a beet dressed as Michael Jackson.

I knew the sign was a success when random people (or should I say cucumbers, carrots, and asparagus.) asked to take my picture.  It's a good day when a couple strangers dressed as pears ask to pose for a picture with you.

I had the best time breaking out some Michael Jackson moves as we made our way through the west side and chanting things like, "Say No Way to Factory Farming!" and "Go Veg!"  Overall it was a very positive feel all around and with people so energetic about healthy eating I was proud to be amongst the group.  Until you found those few militant veggie lovers.

No group wants to highlight their weirdos— and every group has a few— but it's too funny not to mention them here.  I can respect passion for something but when your passion verges on insanity and feels preachy then I can't respect that. I dodged the guy toting the megaphone screaming, "You wouldn't eat your cat, so don't eat that burger!" to every man, woman and child innocently standing on the sidelines enjoying their Sunday.  There was even a dude who wielded his pointed finger at the passersby like a catholic school nun preaching good manners– he was hard to take

 All that being said, I'll certainly be there next year because it's a great opportunity for some unique photo ops and, aside from the few in-your-face veggie lovers, there were a lot of nice and interesting people there.

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